What factors are typically considered in an attractiveness test?

In the world of Artificial intelligence (AI) it is very easy to determine or predict the attractiveness of any person. Because nowadays AI is helping humans in every field of life. Because of that we created an Artificial system that will help you to test your attractiveness.

Top factors we consider in attractiveness test:

Facial Features

It is a primary element in the attractiveness test to analyze facial expression first. Our AI system first detects the face, allowing the system to identify key facial components such as eyes, nose, mouth, and overall facial symmetry. Studies have shown that facial symmetry plays a pivotal role in perceived attractiveness. And our complex AI algorithms measure and analyze these symmetrical aspects to provide a quantitative attractiveness score.

Skin Condition

Beyond facial features our tool also considers the skin condition and texture of a picture. First it detects the imperfections, blemishes, and overall skin tone. So after that our tool considers a score and gives their input to the final score predictor. So if you want to improve your score first upload a picture with clear face and good skin condition.

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Age and Gender Considerations

Before all consideration, send their input to the final score predictor. It also predicts the gender and age of the image because age and gender play a keen role in attractiveness score. If someone is old then it should affect their attractiveness score. And if you are a teen age boy or girl it will be a chance for you to get a high score. So yes our tool also considers age and gender.

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