How is attractiveness measured?

We use Artificial intelligence to measure the attractiveness of a picture. We use OpenCV for initial image processing and after that our trained artificial intelligence algorithm gives you the attractiveness score on the basis of age and gender he detected. 

So in this article I will completely explain to you how our AI model works and how it generates an attractiveness score for you. 

Explanation by diagram:

attractiveness test

Extract face:

We trained our system to first extract the face of the picture. So, First our Artificial intelligence uses the OpenCv library to initially process the image and then extract the face from the image. 

Predict Gender:

Now we use different api’s like Google Cloud api for face detection. By the use of api our tool first predicts the gender of the image. Then it will send the image to process the next step.

Predict age:

For that purpose we also use an api of Google to predict the age of the image. So after predicting the age of the picture it will send the picture to the next process. I will predict the attractiveness score.

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Predict attractiveness Score

To predict a final attractiveness score it will get input from the two previous steps and then it will give you the final score. First it will get the information about the extracted face from the picture then it will get data from the gender detection. It gives him a predicted gender of the image and it will get data from the age detector. And after getting all the data they will apply our complex algorithms and after applying it. It gives a final beauty score to you. I will be between 1 to 100.

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