Is attractiveness test safe?

Most of the people are more concerned about the attractiveness test. For that purpose in this article I will give details about whether the attractiveness test is safe or not?

Explanation of How Face Attractiveness Test work

Our tool is basically created with the help of artificial intelligence. So when you upload a picture there is no one who can manually check your picture and he/she can rate your picture. Their Artificial intelligence base tool will rate your picture. 

First we use OpenCv libraries to process the image and then we trained our artificial intelligence tool on very complex algorithms that will examine your picture on the basis of your age and gender detected. After that it will show you the final result of the attractiveness test. It will be between 1 to 100.

Safety concerns surrounding these tests

One of most common concerns about online attractiveness tests is that they require first to upload your picture and videos and people want to know what they are with our pictures after getting the attractiveness result. 

So, please don’t worry that we don’t store your picture on our server because when you upload your picture we only use it for the test process. We don’t store your picture in our data. We only use it for test purposes and then automatically delete your picture. So on our website you can use your picture without any concerns.

Possible misuse of personal information

So most of the people are most concerned about their personal information so they don’t want that their personal information shared with anyone. So I want to assure you that we  don’t collect your personal information from you. 

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We only need your picture from you so don’t worry about your personal information and picture because we don’t collect or save data of you.

Ethical Consideration.

I think this is the most important factor. A person cannot examine your picture and rate it. it ‘s our artificial intelligence that will examine your picture and then it will rate it. So if you are short tempered and don’t want to see yourself with a low score. Please don’t do this test because it will affect you.

If you want our 100% honest AI tool to give you recommendations and you want to improve yourself by applying these considerations so sure you can do this test with high confidence and it will definitely help you to improve yourself. And some days you will see many changes in yourself and then you will go to any party with high confidence.

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