Statistics of the attractiveness test online

We collect the data of the 1000 people who use our attractiveness test. So, here are the results of the survey. Now here I clarify that we did not save your image but we only track the attractiveness score. If you want to know why we track attractiveness score because we want to improve our system on regular basis. 

attractiveness score count

So, the outcome of this survey is that the average score was 7.0. And no one gain a score below 3 and the highest score was 9.8.

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The great thing about this tool is that it does not give attractiveness on the basis of any ethnicity or any any color like if someone has white color then it will give you a high score and if you have a black color and it will give a low grade. It only works on our complex trained algorithm. And in the algorithm we set that it will not impact your gender, ethnicity and color. It will only focus on your attractiveness. 

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