What is the attractiveness test?

Basically attractiveness is a multifaceted concept that attracts people. So it will be because of his physical appearance, it will be due to his confidence, his assets, his money, etc. So everyone has their own definition of attraction. 

So, research shows that most girls find attractiveness in the person with a lot of money. But it is not true for all of the girls but most of the girls like a person who has a lot of dollars in his bank account. But some girls did not like a person who has a lot of money but they like a person who has a confident or charming physical appearance. 

Same goes for boys. A research paper reveals that most of the boys are interested in those girls who look physically more appealing but they do not focus on their money, they only want their girlfriend to be very beautiful from the world. 

But at the same time most of the boys only like a girl who has more money. But they did not focus on their wealth; they only needed a girl who had good  wealth. It’s not their concern that she looks beautiful or ugly. So depends human to human.

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