Attractiveness test What do I find attractive?

If you want to know about what I find attractive? It’s like you have found some and you want to know if he looks attractive or not? So in this article I will tell you about all these kinds of things. I will also quote a research paper that will tell us about the attractiveness of men and womens.

Basically attraction is a quality of man being pleasing, charming in appearance or manner. And because of his charming and beautiful appearance most people say he looks very attractive. 

Physically attractive

Based on status characteristics theory, they said that most men and women’s like boys or girls who look physically very appealing. Most of the men and women consider them attractive and they stand out from the other boys or girls. So from this theory it is clear that if you find someone attractive first please check his physical appearance because a maximum of people consider it a positive sign. 

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The Power of Confidence

The other thing about attraction is that most people like a more confident man. They did not impressed by their physical appearance but they admire their confidence and public speaking and they say that he is an attractive person. 

So everyone has their own definition of attractiveness. So, some people like a man who has a beautiful physical appearance but some do not like it and they only like a person who has a power of confidence. So, it depends on the person.

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